Going to a GA meeting is simple. You find out where and when there is a meeting convenient for you and just turn up. That's it. There's no signing in, no money to pay, no appointment to make. There are no intrusive questions, no obligations. We use first names only. Your privacy and anonymity will be respected. Remember; The only requirement for membership is a desire to stop gambling.

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Gam Anon - for Family and Friends

Gam-Anon is a fellowship of men and women who are husbands, wives, relatives or close friends who have been affected by the gambling problem.

Are you living with a gambling problem? If you are living with a compulsive gambler, you will answer Yes to at least 6 of the Gam-Anon questions. Click here to view the questions.

If you are seeking a solution for living with this problem, we would like you to feel that we understand as perhaps few can. We too, are familiar with worry and sleepless nights and promises made only to be broken. Our thinking had become confused and many of us had become nervous, irritable, bitter and unreasonable. Gam-Anon can offer you a new way of life.

We learn at our Gam-Anon meetings that there is nothing we can do to stop our loved ones from gambling. If that is the sole purpose for attending meetings and you have come with a closed mind about yourself, then it is very likely that you will not return until you are desperate enough to want the help we can offer you. When this time comes you will find many willing and friendly members to help you with your problems.

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The Twelve Steps of Gam-Anon which we try to follow are not easy. At first we thought that some of them were not necessary; but in trying to be thoroughly honest with ourselves, we find that they apply to us as well as the compulsive gambler. The benefits to be arrived from a strict and constant